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Kotler Nasal Airway System

  • A unique new device to facilitate patient comfort during nasal surgery's immediate post-operative period
  • These post-operative airway tubes allow patients to breathe through the nasal passages continually after cosmetic and plastic nasal surgery despite the nose being completely packed to prevent bleeding and promote healing
  • The Kotler Nasal Airway (KNA)is described by industry insiders as “the greatest advance in patient comfort and safety in nasal and sinus surgery since the utilization of general anesthesia”
  • Patients no longer experience block nasal passages, pounding pressure, ear-popping and claustrophobia during the recovery process
  • Quickly and easily removed in the office using liquid anesthetic dribbled into the nose to make it virtually painless
  • The Kotler Nasal Airway kit consists of a one-piece dual-tube airway, 10Fr suction catheter and 3cc Luer-Lok syringe with adapter tip for home irrigation
  • Constructed from FDA-standard, soft, medical grade silicone plastic
  • Latex-free
  • Supplied sterile

    See comments from patients that benefited from the post op nasal tubes at the bottom of this page.

    Kotler Nasal Airway Diameters
    Inner Diameter: 5mm
    Outer Diameter: 7mm

    Developed by Robert Kotler, MD, FACS of Beverly Hills, a UCLA teacher, and author of  “Secrets of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon” and “The Essential Cosmetic Surgeon Companion”.

    Dr. Kotler has also been featured on the cable show"Dr. 90210".

    Kotler Nasal Airway Video

    Quantity Discount Special 
     $69 per kit  
     when purchased as a KNA 5- Pack
     Total: $345 (reg. $395)

    NOTE: The Kotler Nasal Airway can only be sold
     to licensed physicians, hospitals and clinics

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Regular Price: $395.00
 On Sale For: $345.00 

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1. Anonymous User on 3/6/2012, said:

The new nasal airway makes sense and it works. Since my patients like it, I like it. Highly recommended. - William Binder, MD, FACS, Associate Professor, Head and Neck Surgery, UCLA
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2. Anonymous User on 1/27/2012, said:

I really like it...nice and soft without being too compressible. I like that it comes with an instruction sheet for patients and the syringe. My patient liked being able to rinse her nose and get a sense of airway maintenance. Certainly a good fit for certain situations. I am glad you have it for sale through API...I tend to do some ordering through them! Someday maybe I'll get around to designing something cool and worthwhile! Congrats! - Paige Powers, MD
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3. Anonymous User on 1/25/2012, said:

I always felt uncomfortable and unattractive with my nose and i wanted to get a nose job for years and i finally did and i am ecstatic about it! I am 18 years old and i have always wanted to get my nose done, and i finally did it just over 3 weeks ago with Dr. Kotler. I have never had any kind of surgery before, so i was really nervous and so were my parents, but it was an amazing experience that was fast and i couldn't have wished for better! During the consultation, Dr. Kotler used a computer system to show me what i would look like after the surgery, he talked to me about the entire process, and he asked all my questions thoroughly. When it was finally the day of the surgery, i was taken care of and i met with Dr. Kotler and the anesthesiologist, who both made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I woke up after the surgery feeling a bit woozy but i did not have any pain. By the time i got home, i felt a bit uncomfortable but still had no pain. For the next day, i still did not have severe pain, but i relied on the pain medication. However, after just two days, i stopped taking the medication completely. I also know a lot of people that got their nose done and the one thing that people complain about is that they cannot breath. But, Dr. Kotler created a genius invention.. they are kind of tubes that are put into your nose when you are still "sleeping," and are taken out the next day. I did not feel them AT ALL! and i could breath! I couldn't even believe how comfortable i was right after surgery! I met with Dr. Kotler the day after surgery, 1 week after, 3 weeks after, and i am going to meet with him again in 6 weeks. Dr. Kotler always makes me feel welcomed and i know he truly cares for the well being of his patients. I was always uncomfortable with my nose and i hated my profile but now i feel amazing! I am more confident and i love my nose now! Dr. Kotler is AMAZING!- Varda, Los Angeles, CA
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4. Anonymous User on 8/31/2011, said:

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend the Kotler Nasal Airway stents to anyone doing nasal, septal or turbinate procedures. As one who does many rhinoplasties and nasal procedures every year, I am always striving to make the recovery for my patients as comfortable, effective and trouble free as possible. The Kotler Nasal airways together with the included clearing and suction apparatus have truly made the nasal surgery recovery period much more comfortable, effective and easier for all of my nasal surgery patients. I strongly recommend that any surgeon doing nasal, septal or turbinate procedures where any type of nasal packing or stents are indicated, try these very convenient and helpful Kotler Nasal Airways. - Michael D. Storch, MD., F.A.C.S.
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5. Anonymous User on 3/8/2011, said:

The most amazing thing was that I could breathe after surgery!!! I had never experienced this with my other surgeries nor had I ever heard of it. The fact that I could breathe out of my nose because of these tiny tubes made recovery so much more comfortable and easy. All I can say is “WOW!”
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6. Anonymous User on 3/1/2011, said:

I wanted to comment on the unbelievable results the “breathing tubes” provided for my latest nasal surgery. I have had nasal surgery without the use of the breathing tubes and the improvement in my comfort and ability to breathe during my recovery has been dramatic. I would highly recommend that anyone considering any type of surgery could benefit from the use of Dr. Kotler’s nasal tubes. PLEASE USE THEM. -Colleen Kamens
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7. Anonymous User on 2/21/2011, said:

I put off having nasal revision surgery for seven years because the nasal packing from my first surgery was such a bad experience. Dr. Kotler showed me the alternative of using nasal tubes. My mother was amazed to see me being mentally comfortable and looking relaxed compared to my first experience of wanting the packing taken out every minute. The nasal tubes are the only way to go! - TLR
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8. Customer Review on 2/18/2011, said:

For me, the absolute worst thing about nasal surgery is the post op packing. During the recovery from my first three surgeries elsewhere, I took pain kills back to back until the packing was out. The breathing tubes you installed made all the difference. What the tubes did was essential - they took out the torture feeling element and made those first five days tolerable and even comfortable at times. - Laurie Wilson
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Showing comments 1-8 of 8