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    Mini-Grommet Ear Tubes

    • Dimensioned for pediatric & small ear canals
    • Lumen diameter: 0.76mm
    • Sterile
    Item Number: ET-MG-0.76T
    REG. PRICE: €679.40
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    • Designed  for pediatric, small ear canal, and tortuous ear canal applications
    • Precision-machined from lightweight, certified titanium
    • Titanium
    • 0.76mm lumen
    • Made from non-allergenic materials
    • ISO 10993 approved
    • All ear tubes are sterile
    • 10 per box

    Ear Tube Material Description

    Titanium Material
    Extremely durable and is but one-half the weight of stainless steel. Extremely resistant to corrosion and attack by body fluids, titanium has excellent biocompatibility. Its rigidity facilitates insertion. Manufacturer uses 100% Certified ASTM F136-79 titanium.

    MIR Information

    The Stainless Steel Vent Tubes, Titanium Vent Tube and Stainless Steel Wire have been determined to be MR-conditional according to the terminology specified in the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) International. Designation: F2503-05.
    A patient with this device can be scanned safely immediately after placement under the following conditions:

    • Static magnetic field of 3 Tesla or less
    • Maximum spatial gradient magnetic field of 720-Gauss/cm or less