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    Nasal Forceps

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    Picture of Aiach Forceps

    Aiach Forceps

    • Used for precise suturing of multilayered cartilage transplants
    • 5mm slotted jaws
    • Overall length: 6 1/4"
    Picture of Backbiting Nasal Forceps

    Backbiting Nasal Forceps

    • Used in nasal procedures for cutting and dissecting tissue
    • Available in adult or pediatric
    • Overall length: 7 3/4"
    From $207.00
    Picture of Duckbill Nasal Forceps

    Duckbill Nasal Forceps

    • Tip options included serrated and cupped
    • Available straight or upward
    • Overall length: 5 1/2"
    From $133.00
    Picture of Hartmann Alligator Forceps

    Hartmann Alligator Forceps

    • Serrated
    • 1 x 2 teeth
    • Overall length: 5 1/2"
    $210.00 $135.00
    Picture of Jansen Middleton Septum Forceps

    Jansen Middleton Septum Forceps

    • Designed for cutting septal cartilage
    • Cupped and through cutting jaws available
    • Overall length: 7 1/2"
    From $255.00
    Picture of Lewis Septum Forceps

    Lewis Septum Forceps

    • Used for removing bone around the bony nasal septum
    • Flat, serrated jaws for minimal slippage
    • Overall length: 8"
    Picture of Noyes Nasal Dressing Forceps

    Noyes Nasal Dressing Forceps

    • Used in a variety of ENT procedures
    • Available with 1 x 2 teeth
    • Overall length: 5 1/2"
    From $135.00
    Picture of Pointed Punch Forceps

    Pointed Punch Forceps

    • Used to pierce a hole in the nasal septum
    • Small single sharp point
    • Overall length: 4 3/4"
    $56.00 $51.00
    Picture of Rubin Septal Morselizers

    Rubin Septal Morselizers

    • Used to crush septal cartilage
    • Double-action
    • Removable guard protects surrounding tissue
    From $273.00
    Picture of Takahashi Nasal Forceps

    Takahashi Nasal Forceps

    • Designed for soft tissue and cartilage removal
    • Can be used to remove excess bony fragments and biopsy sampling
    • Two lengths available
    From $130.00
    Picture of Weil-Blakesley Nasal Forceps

    Weil-Blakesley Nasal Forceps

    • Designed for removal of tissue and nasal polyps in the bulla ethmoidali
    • Often used during endoscopic sinus surgical procedures
    • Available straight, upturned & thru-cutting
    From $165.00
    Picture of Westmacott Nasal Forceps

    Westmacott Nasal Forceps

    • Ideal for inserting nasal packing
    • Can be used for nasal polyps and foreign body removal
    • Overall length: 8"
    $263.00 $144.00