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    Plastic Surgery Forceps

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    Picture of Aiach Forceps

    Aiach Forceps

    • Used for precise suturing of multilayered cartilage transplants
    • 5mm slotted jaws
    • Overall length: 6 1/4"
    Picture of Asch Septum Straightening Forceps

    Asch Septum Straightening Forceps

    • Helps align the nasal septum during rhinoplasty procedures
    • Long angled smooth blades
    • Overall length: 6 1/4"
    $241.00 $129.00
    Picture of Cottle Columella Forceps

    Cottle Columella Forceps

    • Designed for endonasal surgical procedures
    • Adjustment screw
    • Overall length: 4 3/8"
    $162.00 $89.00
    Picture of Cottle Lower Lateral Forceps

    Cottle Lower Lateral Forceps

    • Designed for secure tissue grasping during rhinoplasty procedures
    • Serrated with pins on each tip
    • Overall length: 6"
    $146.00 $78.00
    Picture of D'Assumpcao Face Lift Forceps

    D'Assumpcao Face Lift Forceps

    • Used for marking dissected facial flaps for removal
    • Overall length: 7"
    $274.00 $124.00
    Picture of LaRoe Tissue Spreaders

    LaRoe Tissue Spreaders

    • Designed for spreading tissue in breast reconstructive procedures
    • Rounded, blunt blades
    • Two sizes available
    From $191.00
    Picture of Pitanguy Flap Demarcator Forceps

    Pitanguy Flap Demarcator Forceps

    • Use to mark skin flaps to be removed
    • Upper jaw coated to mark line
    • Overall length: 7"
    $263.00 $144.00
    Picture of Rubin Septal Morselizers

    Rubin Septal Morselizers

    • Used to crush septal cartilage
    • Double-action
    • Removable guard protects surrounding tissue
    From $273.00
    Picture of Tendon Pulling Forceps

    Tendon Pulling Forceps

    • Used to grasp tendons during surgical procedures
    • Two tip styles available
    • Overall length: 5"
    From $113.00
    Picture of T-Face Lift Forceps

    T-Face Lift Forceps

    • Designed for grasping tissue and clamping large vessels
    • T-shaped concave jaws with fine serrations
    • Overall length: 6"
    $105.00 $58.00
    Picture of Walsham Septum Straightening Forceps

    Walsham Septum Straightening Forceps

    • Designed for grasping and straightening deviated nasal septums
    • Overall length: 9"
    $222.00 $120.00