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    Reusable Faceshield for Microscope

    • Fits over the eyepieces of most brands of microscopes
    • May be cleaned/disinfected using most hospital-grade disinfectants
    • Thick polycarbonate offers high impact resistance to prevent cracking if dropped
    Item Number: JM-98-1955
    REG. PRICE: €31.60
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    • Reusable - The faceshield is designed so that it may be cleaned/disinfected using most hospital-grade disinfectants.
    • 2-piece Construction Aluminum Frame - The 2-piece riveted aluminum frame helps hold the clear plastic shield.
    • Sturdy .020” Thick Polycarbonate Shield - Polycarbonate offers high impact resistance to prevent cracking if dropped and can easily be cleaned with alcohol and many other medical grade cleaners.
    • 1/2” Thick Die-Cut Closed Cell Foam Spacer - Between the two aluminum bands is a 1/2” thick die cut closed - cell foam
      spacer. The spacer is held in place with a two-sided acrylic adhesive tape to help form a secure seal.
    • 1/4” Thick Closed Cell Foam Headband Pad - The inner aluminum band features a 1/4” thick closed cell foam band that is also secured in place with an adhesive tape.
    • Universal Fit - Faceshield fits over the eyepieces of most brands of microscopes.
    • Dimensions - Overall Measurements: 13” wide x 10” tall x 7” deep
    • Made in the USA

    Reusability Guidelines from the CDC

    • While wearing gloves, carefully wipe the inside, followed by the outside of the faceshield using a clean cloth saturated with
      neutral detergent solution or cleaning wipe.
    • Carefully wipe the outside of the faceshield using a wipe or clean cloth saturated with EPA-registered hospital disinfectantsolution.
    • Fully dry (air dry or use clean absorbent towels).
    • Remove gloves and perform hand hygiene.

    The combination of the foam spacers and band along with the aluminum frame help deliver a tight seal to prevent airflow from the top when the strap is tightened around the user’s head*. The closed cell foam should not let air or mositure penetrate it. The buckle system on the nylon strap is user adjustable to allow for a proper and comfortable fit to the user’s head.

    *Note: A small gap may be visible between the aluminum and the foam when the faceshield is not in use. When the strap is tightened the foam compresses between the two pieces of aluminum to give a tight seal.

    Disclaimer: The faceshields are to be used at your own risk. The customer and their employees, contractors, and affiliates that use this product assume all liability for their use and user protection as this product is not a medical device. Most hospital-grade cleaners will not harm the product however end user does assume responsibility and should test on the lens in a small area. Do not use bleach for cleaning.

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as faceshields are not medical devices and are to be used at your own risk.


    Physicians Only Sign

    The JM-98-1955 Reusable Faceshield is available for purchase by medical professionals and medical facilities only.