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    SII Plus Mobile Fully Motorized Chair

    Manufacturer: JedMed
    • Easily re-locate chair for cleaning or to another exam room
    • Foot lever controls if chair is mobile or stationary
    • Can form a flat table

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    • This full power exam chair is designed to meet the needs of a busy practice
    • Membrane switch located on each side of the chair allows you to easily maneuver the patient to the desired position
    • With just the push of a button, the backrest, synchronized with the footrest portion of the chair reclines and can form a flat table
    • In addition, an auto-return button is located on the switch panel which quickly returns the chair to a seated position
    • Independently operated armrests lift out of the way, allowing patient to enter and exit the chair comfortably
    • The adjustable headrest is completely removable. A double articulating headrest is also available
    • Conveniently placed handles lock chair into desired rotation
    • Available in 12 colors

    Mobile Features 

    • The SII Plus Mobile features the added benefit of being able to easily re-locate the chair for cleaning, move to a more convenient exam location, or transport to another exam room
    • By simply depressing the foot lever located on the base of the chair, the S-II Plus becomes instantly mobile and allows the user to easily move the chair to another location
    • Once the chair is in the desired location, simply raise the foot lever and the chair goes back to a stationary position

    SII Plus Mobile Exam Chair Specifications

      • Chair Height
        • Minimum: 23"
        • Maximum: 35"
      • Upholstery Width Dimensions
        • Headrest: 8.5"
        • Back Support: 21"
        • Seat: 18"
        • Foot Support: 23"
      • Dimensions
        • Depth: 31.5"
        • Width: 27.5"
      • Weight Limit 
        • 440lbs.
      • Electrical
        • 110V, 60Hz
      • Warranty
        • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

    SII Plus Fully Motorized Chair Video

    Optional Accessories (sold separately)
    • Foot Control (JM-04-1597-P): $658.00
    • Halogen Gooseneck Lamp (JM-04-1590): $304.00
    • Articulating Headrest (JM-04-1596 ): $796.00
    • Pediatric Booster (JM-04-1740): $303.00

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    Picture of SII Plus Mobile Fully Motorized Exam Chair
    SII Plus Mobile Fully Motorized Exam Chair

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