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Aesthetic Rhinoplasty 3D Model Nose Set

Item Number: TBZ-3DMN
  • Ideal for Patient education and medical training
  • Share rhinoplasty expectations with patients
  • 1:1 Scale
  • Give confidence to patients at doctor's office
  • Match the model with actual patient nose
  • Provide tactile model reference to help visualize difference between actual and ideal nose
  • Set includes a display rack and the following 6 noses:
    • Crooked: Twisted/Deviated/Tramatic/Trauma noses
    • Hump & Deprojected: Bump/Ethnic/Hispanic/Mestizo noses
    • Hump & Droopy: Aging/Middle Eastern
    • Ideal Beautiful: Perfect Out Come/Ideal Result Noses
    • Revision Case: V-inverted Deformity/Bassae Over Resected/Pinched/Alar Retration/Dorsum Over Resected/Lack of Osteotomies/Pinching/Nasal Valve Collapse/Notching)
    • Boxy: Bulbous/Rounded/Wide/Hanging Columella


Hump & Deprojected

Hump & Droopy



Ideal Beautiful Revision Case Boxy


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