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API Flexible Nasopharyngoscope

Item Number: ECL-FLEX260
  • State-of-the-art reproduction methods and technologies come together to achieve a high quality flexible nasopharyngoscope
  • The innovative features and the outstanding optical quality of this new generation of flexible nasopharyngoscopes has been developed in close cooperation with clinical users 
  • High resolution fiber-optic technology provides brilliant detail definition at the edges of the image as well as the center, facilitating recognition of even the smallest structures 
  • A particularly high depth of focus guarantees a clear, sharp image of a larger range 
  • Adapters for connection to all conventional light guides are supplied as standard 
  • Designed for optimum hygiene 
  • The unique brightness typical of rigid endoscopes has been achieved in the flexible nasopharyngoscope


  • Angle of view: 85°
  • Depth of field: 2.5mm to 50mm  
  • Outer diameter insertion tube: 3.4mm  
  • Outer diameter distal end: 3.4mm  
  • Working length: 300mm 
  • Instrument is immersible 
  • Bending range of distal tip: 130° upward/130° downward 
  • Includes ACMI, WOLF and STORZ fittings

Hydrogen peroxide sterilisation (STERRAD® method)

The effectiveness of the sterilisation of flexible nasolaryngoscopes was verified with STERRAD 100S (endoscope double-packed in ASP Tyvek® bags).

The material compatibility of flexible nasolaryngoscopes is provided using STERRAD 100 S and STERRAD 100 NX DUO Cycle.

Observe specifications of the manufacturer (ASP) regarding the corresponding method.

Ethylene oxide sterilisation

The effectiveness of sterilisation with ethylene oxide has not been tested. Therefore it must be verified by the user prior to use for the utilised method.

Flexible nasolaryngoscopes have material compatibility with ethylene oxide sterilisation.

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