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Goco Electrocautery Adenoid Curette

  • Can be used with all different types of T&A electrosurgical procedures
  • Get rid of the old red rubber catheter
  • Retracts the soft palate and evacuates smoke during electrosurgical tonsil and adenoid surgery
  • Removes cauterized fumes and debris improving the surgical operating exposure
  • Removes cancer causing cautery fumes away from the surgeon and OR staff
  • Sterile - Individually packaged


  • It has been discovered that if you do not use "spray" on the ValleyLab Coag cautery unit it doesn't work as fast or well.
  • A dry operative works best.
  •  Initiate the electrocautery prior to engaging the adenoid tissue. Recommended setting of 35 -40 Coag "spray" and not "regular".
  • Also try a setting of Blend 3 with 20-40 cut and 40 cautery on the ValleyLab unit.

Goco Adenoid Curette Video 1

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