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MadaJet XL Needle Free Injector

Item Number: MJ401
Manufacturer: Mada
  • Reduce the fear and trauma associated with traditional needle and syringe injections
  • Has the unique capability to not only inject skin tissue with local anesthetic, but is the only jet injection device that allows the physician to inject through all body orifices for deep tissue infiltration
  • Needle free local anesthesia for many procedures as well as adequate anesthesia for deep needle insertion
  • Consistent depth of penetration of 4mm-4.5mm below the epithelium and makes a wheel at the base of the injection of 5mm-6mm in diameter
  • Consistent volume of 0.1cc per injection intradermally
  • Permits approximately 9 injections per 1cc, fill chamber load capacity 4cc small volume of local anesthetics used by jet injection
  • MadaJet XL Needle Free Injector be autoclaved or gas sterilized or disinfected with MadaCide
  • Includes interchangeable Extenda Tips, which come in various lengths and can be easily removed for sterilization between patients
  • Full year manufacture warranty

All MadaJet sales are final and cannot be returned for any reason.
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