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Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway & Nasal Splints


  • The Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway allows patients to breathe immediately through
    the nose whether packed or unpacked following nasal and sinus surgeries
  • Applicable for all nasal and sinus surgeries, “packing” or “no packing”
  • Large-bore airways; delivers 12 times the air flow of other devices
  • Easily inserted in 10 seconds or less
  • No suturing necessary; Nests on nasal floor
  • Compatible with all nasal/sinus packing materials
  • Can be used with all septal and intranasal splints
  • Constructed from FDA-cleard soft, non-stick, latex-free Class VI medical grade silicone
  • Well-tolerated for up to 6 days
  • Painlessly removed at post-op office visit
  • 98% patient satisfaction rating
  • Insurers paying surgeon for insertion and fixation
  • Surgery center/hospital purchases device then bills insurer for re-imbursement
  • Supplied sterile with complete operating room and home care instructions 


Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway Kit Contents:

  • Latex-free, medical-grade silicone double nasal airway connected by a bridge
  • A standard flexible 10Fr suction catheter
  • A 3 cc Luer-Lok syringe and syringe adapter tip (for post-operative home irrigation)
  • One set of Ultra-Smooth Septal Splints™


Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway Diameters
Inner Diameter: 5mm
Outer Diameter: 7mm

Reltok Clear-Flo™ Documentation
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Reltok Clear-Flo Introductory Guide

Reltok Clear-Flo™ FAQ & Common Objections
Instructions for Use
New Product Procedure Request Form
Billing & Claim Documents


Developed by Robert Kotler, MD, FACS, Beverly Hills, CA, Clinical Instructor UCLA.

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Testiominal from Michael K. Newman, MD, FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

"I recently tried the Clear-Flo Nasal Airway System for the first time and two things impressed me--it was very soft and comfortable for the patient and it was also very functional, providing a reliable airway for the patient that could be easily suctioned.  I definitely recommend it for those performing septoplasty surgery."
- Michael K. Newman, MD, FACS

The Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway can only be sold to licensed physicians, hospitals and clinics.

The Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway are supplied sterile therefore cannot be returned for any reason UNLESS they were purchased under the "API Guarantee" promotion. See top of this web page for details or call for more information.
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