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Sentinel Nasal Cleanser

Item Number: SE-TH-S-NS

The nasal portion of the respiratory system is the front line of defense against dangerous germs that can make us sick. That is why it is imperative that we keep it clean and healthy in order to avoid preventable illnesses and most of all keep us congestion free and breathing freely.

A twice daily spray application of our specially formulated HOCL will help support our immune system by providing assistance to the physiologic role of the nasal mucous membranes. HOCL is also proven to have anti-inflammatory capabilities which helps speed up the healing process for all types of wounds which can easily exist deep in the nose. Nasal tissue can also become compromised by dryness and a host of irritants that we breathe in on a daily basis. Sentinel Nasal Cleanser was developed for one specific purpose.

To support the nose The Sentinel Nose Cleanser provides cleansing power, hydration power, germ reduction, inflammation down regulation, skin healing power, increased capillary response, all attributed the healing power of the body’s own natural respiratory burst process. The combination of HOCL and water is nature’s way of combating disease, healing skin and controlling inflammation and all with absolutely no side effects. 

The Sentinel Nose Spray Delivers:
• Use the same chemistry as the human immune system to fight inflammatory germs
• Safe, non toxic to human cells (non cytotoxic)
• No alcohol or other harmful chemicals or drugs
• Germs cannot build a resistance to HOCL - no mutant strains
• Effective at removing biofilm
• Hydrates, very different than just moisturizing
• Safe to use frequently during the day
• Reduces inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane
• Non-irritating

Sentinel Nose Spray Size:

  • 2oz. (60ml)


HOCL Super Oxidizing Saline Documentation
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HOCL Super Oxidizing Saline Guide


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