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Tuning Fork Set

Item Number: 62-07-05
  • Designed for evaluating auditory senses through different vibration frequencies
  • Used to perform various hearing tests including the Rinne and Weber audiology test
  • Air conduction is assesed by placing the vibrating prongs near the patient's ear
  • Bone conduction is tested by placing the vibrating base on the mastoid bone
  • 128Hz and 256Hz tuning forks feature round weights at the end of each prong to produce a stronger, more powerful vibration 
  • Set includes the following five tuning forks:
    • C128 (128Hz) with Fixed Weights
    • C256 (256Hz) with Fixed Weights
    • C512 (512Hz)
    • C1024 (1024Hz)
    • C2048 (2048Hz)
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